The Dodge Grand Caravan remains the vehicle of choice among families who prefer owning and driving minivans. The vans spacious interior ensures plenty of comfortable seating in addition to cargo room. The latest models also include technological features that enhance occupant safety.

The standard rearview camera captures a live wide-angle image of the area behind the minivan. In this way, the driver quickly sees what may be blocking the path when needing to back out of a space. Guidelines also provide assistance when needing to back in a straight line.

The rear seats are equipped with anchors and tethers to ensure the proper installation of infant and child seats. The LATCH connectors are easy to locate, which makes installing or removing the seats quicker and convenient. Learn about all of the standard and optional technological features available for the new Dodge Grand Caravan. Visit our Port City Chrysler Dodge location and take a van for a test drive.


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