The Ram ProMaster City Delivers

Whether you’re carrying cargo or transporting people, you need a solid, capable van. The Ram ProMaster City fills that niche. It’s a popular cargo van and passenger wagon in Portsmouth because it handles well and has the power it needs to carry a full load.

The superiority of the ProMaster City starts at the bottom. It has a bi-link rear coil suspension that gives a smooth ride. This is comfortable for passengers and helps keep your cargo in place. The suspension also delivers stable handling and helps correct for oversteer or understeer.

The nine-speed automatic transmission is another advantage of the ProMaster City. It’s engineered to be able to take off quickly in first gear. This is great if you’re making deliveries and need to cut back into traffic. There’s more to learn about the ProMaster City, so come by Port City Chrysler Dodge for a test drive.



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