The Dodge Grand Caravan Has Fuel Efficiency Features You Should Know About

If you are driving a Dodge Grand Caravan there may come a time when you notice a green "Econ" button come flashing on. The purpose of this alert is to let you know that you are driving the vehicle in the most fuel-efficient way possible. It will likely come on because the vehicle has automatically adjusted itself to be more fuel efficient.

There are sensors on the Dodge Grand Caravan that help it detect when conditions on the road change. It will adapt to what is happening around you and make the necessary changes to drive as fuel effectively as it possibly can. You are not going to miss out on any cost savings when it comes to this vehicle. Considering that, you need to check out this vehicle if you are serious about saving money during the uncertain times that are to come. Look forward into the future with the fuel efficiency of the Dodge Grand Caravan.



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