The Chrysler Pacifica has multiple safety systems that reduce engine speeds by working strategically with the braking system. However, these systems only apply the brake when a driver fails to make adjustments on the road quickly before possible collisions and fender benders.

Chrysler's Full-Speed Collision Warning System is designed for long roads that have a high speed limit. When the system senses that a crash could occur, it provides two warnings. One warning generates sounds, and the other alert uses visual cues. If a driver doesn't react fast, the system will automatically apply the emergency brake.

At Port City Chrysler Dodge, you can set up a test drive in a Chrysler Pacifica and check out other standard safety features. For example, when you park the Pacifica at the end of the test drive, you could use ParkSense, which is a system that detects obstacles around parking zones. We provide test drive opportunities to all potential buyers in Portsmouth.



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