Is a Truck the Right Vehicle for Me?

If you're considering whether your next new car should actually be a truck, you're not alone. Statistics show that more buyers than ever are trading out their sedans for a pickup. There are plenty of reasons why this might be the right choice for you.

While the family pickup truck may have once been relegated to hauling yard waste to the dump, those days have changed. Today's trucks offer as much luxury and technology in the cab as their sedan counterparts, while offering an ideally wide wheelbase and powerful engine for towing a trailer and a wide truck bed for hauling cargo.

Now the whole family can ride along, thanks to spacious double cabs. Upgraded suspensions mean that the ride down the highway is as smooth as a car, and most trucks offer steel frames and a bevy of safety features, making them even safer than a car. If you need the extra space or hauling capacity, consider buying a truck for your next vehicle. You can visit us at Port City Chrysler Dodge to test drive one today.



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