High Performance In A Minivan

Although the Chrysler Pacifica is a minivan, it does have a few performance features that would make you think otherwise. These features make it easier to tow a trailer and other items up to 3,600 pounds behind your vehicle while you're on the roads in Portsmouth. The V6 engine gives you the power that you desire while you're behind the wheel so that you can get up and down any kind of road.

Stability control is a feature that you'll enjoy that applies the brakes or the accelerator when needed to keep you and your passengers safe. The van has the fuel efficiency of a smaller vehicle instead of a van, something that you'll be able to discuss with someone at Port City Chrysler Dodge before taking your vehicle home.

Since the van is made of lightweight steel that is of high strength, it offers the protection that you need if you're in an accident. There is also a forward collision warning feature that assists in giving you more control while you're on the road as well.



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