Ram ProMaster: Cargo Van With Light-Duty Design

The Ram ProMaster is one of the most advanced light-duty cargo vans on the American auto market. When visiting Port City Chrysler Dodge, shoppers will have to make plenty of choices regarding the vehicle's dimensions and configurations. The shortest wheelbase on the lineup measures 118 inches in length. You can upgrade to a 136-inch wheelbase for extra space. Additionally, the 159-inch wheelbase is available with regular and extended designs.

The standard roof height of this Ram van is designed to accommodate a maximum cargo height of 66 inches. The high roof has a cargo height of 76 inches. If you need to transport extra equipment that doesn't fit inside the cabin, get the Trailer Tow Package. When fitted with this optional package, the ProMaster can tow a maximum of 5,100 pounds. Thanks to the signature Trailer Sway Control, you won't worry about losing control of a trailer on meandering roads.



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