The Dodge Charger Might be the Muscle Car for You

The Dodge Charger can help you reach different destinations quickly because it has a powerful engine. Dodge is the only brand that engineers professional-grade muscle cars with all-wheel drive. As a result, you can only experience how 707 horsepower can impact your habits by driving a Dodge Charger.

Although the Dodge Charger is a highly efficient and fast muscle car, you can steer it easily on the road. The process of strategically guiding the car around curves isn't a hassle since Dodge engineers designed the vehicle with an advanced all-wheel-drive system. If you drive over road hazards, everyone in the cabin won't feel a heavy impact because the suspension hardware will absorb the energy. On the road, you can drive the Dodge Charger confidently, as the safety tools work well with the turbo hardware. The collision warning system is very beneficial because it helps a driver use the brakes more efficiently.

In order to experience the process of driving a Dodge Charger, you must arrange a test drive. We provide Dodge Charger test drives at Port City Chrysler Dodge in Portsmouth, NH.

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