Deciding Which Warranty Best Fits Your Needs Is an Important Decision

When contemplating a new car purchase, you consider the type of vehicle that you want and what benefits that it will bring to you. You probably have also spent a fair amount of time determining the price range that you are comfortable with. Have you, however, considered which type of warranty, powertrain or bumper to bumper, that you need?

When it comes to choosing which warranty to buy you need to consider what each has to offer. The powertrain warranty covers your vehicles engine, differential, transmission, and related parts. The bumper to bumper warranty, being all-inclusive, covers those parts and also includes the electronics, suspension, and many more components and systems.

If you require any help in deciding which warranty type is best for you, then come see us at Port City Chrysler Dodge in Portsmouth, NH. We'll sit down and answer any questions that you have so that you are capable of making an informed decision.

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