The Chrysler 300's Exterior Features

In the full-size luxury sedan class, Chrysler offers its popular 300, a lean and powerful machine that gives drivers plenty of outward style to match its high-performance engine and interior luxury.

Beginning with the 300's headlamps, the vehicle matches design with driver-friendly convenience. Automatically adjusting headlights switch from low beams to high beams and back again as the situation demands. The High-Intensity Discharge headlamps provide superior illumination in all weather and lighting conditions.

Chrome fittings frame the front grille and embellish the Chrysler logo. Matching the aluminum alloy wheels and rear badge, they serve to accent design elements throughout the exterior. The hubcaps have an engaging snowflake design and come in a range of wheel sizes for ultimate customizability. The rear of the car features dual exhaust pipes in an elongated design and brake lights that are positioned on either side of the trunk with a central brake light for added visibility.



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