The Ram 1500's Safety Features

Light-duty pickup trucks are a favorite among drivers, offering the utility of their hauling capacity with a more compact size that makes them easier to maneuver. The Ram 1500 heads the list as a popular choice in this vehicle class, renowned for its solid build, strong chassis, comfortable cabin and improved safety features.

Parallel park with ease using the Perpendicular Park assist feature. Fitting into tight spots becomes second nature with the 1500 guiding the driver and automatically steering into a parking spot while the driver follows cues using the gas and brake pedals. This same technology guides the Advanced Brake Assist feature, which applies the brakes to maintain a safe distance even at lower driving speeds.

The 1500 also comes with a 360-degree camera that constantly monitors all angles of the vehicle simultaneously. This second set of eyes gives the driver necessary information about vehicles lurking in blind spots or obstructions directly behind the vehicle when in reverse.



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